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Statement Of Philosophy

Nursing is a discipline concerned with individuals, families, and groups experiencing health and illness along a continuum. It is based on knowledge,skills,and attitudes attained in concept based nursing courses, as well as in the disciplines of mathematics, the natural and social sciences, and the humanities and arts. Nursing is concerned with the health of the whole person; today’s nurse deals with individuals as emotional and social beings as well as physical beings. The goals of nursing are to promote high level wellness and assist individuals, families, and groups to attain and maintain an optimal state of health. Nursing also focuses on assisting clients in the final stages of life to maintain comfort and dignity. In achieving these goals, nurses utilize the nursing process, evidenced based practice,effective communication and caring behaviors. The nursing faculty have designed a concept curriculum based on core beliefs essential to the practice of professional nursing.

The nursing faculty believe:

  • Individuals are holistic beings with physical, spiritual and psychosocial components.
  • Individuals are continually evolving complex beings who have similar basic needs.
  • Individuals have rights, which include the right to participate in and determine the direction of their own destiny.
  • Health is a dynamic life-long process that changes as an individual’s basic human needs and adaptive capabilities are challenged by internal and external forces.
  • Health exists on a continuum which ranges from high level wellness to death.
  • Illness is a process which alters the functioning of a person.
  • Nursing is an evolving, eclectic and applied discipline that uses cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills to promote, maintain and restore optimum health.
  • Nursing is concerned with the health care needs of individuals, families and groups at different points along the health continuum.
  • Nursing recognizes the significance of relationships among individuals, families, and groups, as these relationships can both alter and support health.
  • Nurses use the nursing process as a framework for providing and managing patient care.
  • Nurses are accountable and responsible to the public and the nursing profession.

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