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Program Description:

Courses within the program are designed to transfer to four-year institutions. Articulation agreements are currently being negotiated with four-year institutions.  Biotechnology is concerned with the manipulation of biological systems to achieve a desired end product. The ability to construct recombinant DNA molecules, purify proteins, and create transgenic animals all fall within the field of biotechnology. Biotechnology has and will continue to revolutionize the fields of medicine, criminal justice, agriculture and environmental science, to name just a few. As great as the promise of biotechnology is for improving human well being, it also raises profound ethical questions.

The Biotechnology program at CCBC is designed to provide students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary for a rewarding career in the bioscience laboratory. The program core consists of three intensive laboratory courses, Biotechniques I (Nucleic Acids), Biotechniques II (Proteins), and Genetics Laboratory. Each laboratory introduces state-of-the-art techniques and allows the student to develop experience with those techniques. Laboratories are project-driven; meaning that techniques are introduced in the context of a laboratory project and that each student is expected to complete an individual project at the end of the course.

Students may choose to enroll in the certificate or A.A.S. degree program in Biotechnology. The certificate is designed primarily for non-degree seeking students, individuals switching careers, displaced workers, or those already in the field seeking advancement. Individuals completing either program are well prepared for technical careers in the health sciences, basic research, pharmaceutical research and development, production and manufacturing, and quality assurance. 

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Program Coordinator: Dr. Thomas Burkett Telephone: 443-840-4842

 Degree: Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing A.A.S. (Associate of Applied Science)

 Certificate: Biotechnology Laboratory Technician

Department Information: Biotechnology at CCBC Catonsville

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