Learning Communities


Philosophy of Learning Communities

Learning Communities represent an integrated educational approach to learning. The purpose of learning communities is to create a more integrated experience, to provide a greater coherence in the curriculum, and to increase collaboration of students and faculty in the pursuit of learning. Students are provided with an enriched and supportive learning experience.

For information related to the Learning Community experience, contact:

Cheryl Scott, Coordinator


Or view the online schedule for course information at www.ccbcmd.edu.

Students wishing to enroll in a CCBC Learning Community should contact the following for assistance in registering:

Catonsville Barri Rappel brappel@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-4763
Dundalk Iris Arroyo iarroyo@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3368
Matthew Crisp mcrisp@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3197
Essex Amanda Landon alandon@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-1680

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