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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Inglés para personas que hablan otro lenguaje (ESOL)
Английский язык для людей, говорящих на других языках

ESOL Adult Literacy
  • This non-credit ESOL Program offers classes to help adult non-native speakers learn English for community and workplace settings.
  • The program offers Beginning, Intermediate level classes (Grant-funded) and also Advanced level classes (Tuition/Non-Credit).
  • The program offers classes three times a year.
  • Fall and Winter/Spring classes are two times per week.
  • Summer classes are four times per week.
ESOL Family Literacy Classes
  • The ESOL Family Literacy Program provides English classes for parents or caregivers of young children.
  • Classes are offered during the day three days per week.
  • While parents/caregivers are in class, their children are also participating in preschool or school.
  • Family Literacy Courses are grant funded.
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