Transfer Students


If you are transferring from another college to earn a CCBC degree or certificate:

  1. Submit an Application for Admission.

  2. Submit official transcripts from all colleges you have attended to the Registrar's office.

    Transcripts will be assessed to determine whether you have successfully completed the college-level coursework that are prerequisites for certain CCBC courses.

  3. Meet with an advisor. Bring copies of transcripts from all colleges you have attended.

    Transcripts provide documentation that you have successfully completed a college-level English or mathematics course or prerequisites for certain CCBC courses.

  4. Register and pay for classes.

To transfer to CCBC from another college, submit an application for admission and official copies of your high school and college trancripts to CCBC. Be sure that your transcripts are current (printed within one year of the date of your enrollment). Official transcripts submitted to the Community College of Baltimore County become the property of CCBC and part of the student's file. CCBC will not re-issue the transcript to another institution or return it to the student.

Transcripts from other colleges are evaluated on a first-in basis. Submit your official transcripts to the Registrar’s office by mail or to the Enrollment Services Center before the following due dates to allow time to complete the evaluation:

Summer session May 1
Fall semester August 1
Spring semester December 1

Mail official transcripts to:

CCBC Registrar’s Office
Transcript Evaluation
7201 Rossville Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21237

(Please note: A transcript is considered “Official” when it is received in an original, sealed envelope from the issuing institution. Any transcript submitted that has been removed from the official, sealed envelope is considered UNOFFICIAL and transfer credit cannot be awarded for the transcript.)

If you have questions about financial aid, contact the CCBC Financial Aid office.

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