Upward Bound: Dundalk

group photo of TRiO students

What is TRIO?
TRIO programs are federally funded programs that provide educational opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. TRIO organizations are designed to motivate and encourage students to matriculate through their academic endeavors. TRIO includes seven outreach programs supporting students from middle school to post- baccalaureate programs.

What is Upward Bound?
Authorized by the Higher Education Act of 1965, Upward Bound is a nationwide, federally funded academic- enrichment program for high school students. Through Upward Bound, students’ build and augment their academic skills and enhance their cultural enrichment. Upward Bound increases students’ confidence and motivates them to matriculate at and graduate from college. Students are exposed to various cultural and educational activities, a summer experience, academic support and one- on- one counseling.

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