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NOTE: The RN and PN seat fee will become effective for students admitted after January 1, 2010. Applicants will be required to pay a non-refundable $200 fee to accept their offer of admission and reserve their space in the RN programs or the PN program. The fee will be applied to the first semester program charges. Students who accept the seat and then do not attend the program will not be eligible for a refund of the fee. The seat fee will become effective for all other SHP programs for students admitted by 2011.

Degree Options

Our programs have 2 tracks: Nursing

Registered Nurse

Practical Nursing

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About Our Programs

The Nursing Program at CCBC is the premier, learning-centered, Associate Degree Nursing Program in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area. The mission of the Nursing Program at CCBC is to prepare a registered nurse generalist who demonstrates clinical and professional excellence while practicing nursing in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area.

The nursing graduate is educated in a learning-centered environment, which is committed to optimal use of available resources and emphasizes the diversity of the surrounding community. Additionally, graduates are prepared to enter the health care workforce and are eligible for licensure as a registered nurse. Congruent with the CCBC mission, a commitment to lifelong learning and educational mobility is fostered through the curriculum.

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