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Online Registration
(Remember -- returning students only)


What is SIMON and what does it allow me to access?

Who can use the system?

How do I register online?

How do I add/drop courses?

How do I view my financial aid information online?

What is my account balance?

How do I pay my tuition?

How do I audit a course?

How do I access my unofficial transcript?


How do I register on-line?

  1. Log into the system with your username and password

  2. Click "Enroll On-line/Student Information/Financial Aid".

  3. Click "Registration".

  4. Click "Select Term".

  5. Click "Submit Term".

  6. For Students Who Know Their CRNs (Course Reference Number)

    Click "Add/Drop Classes" from the Menu. Enter CRN in " Add Class" table. Click on "Submit Changes" to officially register. See No. 6 for registration verification information.

  7. Search On-Line Schedule for Classes by Subject or to expand your search, click Advance Search.

  8. Verify Your Registration

    Check your "Current Schedule" on the Register, Add & Drop Classes page to verify your enrollment status. The Status column on the right should say "Web Registered" and show the date for all courses for which you are currently enrolled.

  9. Registration Problems

    If the Status column shows that there is a "Prereq or Test Score Error", "Instructor Signature", "Time Conflict" or "Closed Course", "Duplicate Course", or other message, then you will not be able to register for the course. You may resume registering for other courses by clicking "Class Search" on the bottom of the screen.

  10. Class Schedule

    When you are finished registering, you should click the "Student Schedule by Day & Time" or "Student Detail Schedule" on the menu. It is recommended that you print your schedule.

  11. Fee Assessment

    Click on Registration Fee Assessment to review your semester tuition and fee charges. You will also be presented with options for paying your bill, including credit card payment and e-Cashier.