Logging In to WebCT


How to Log In to WebCT/Blackboard

Login access to your My WebCT/Bb page will be available within two hours after you register.

If you have not retrieved your CCBC username and password, find out how to get your login information.

1. Go to the WebCT/Blackboard Login page on the CCBC website and click on the orange oval Login button.

2. The next page displays a box where you will enter your username and password. But first click on the Check Browser button on the right side of the screen if you have not already done so. WebCT/Blackboard will run a quick check of your system to make sure it is compliant with CE 8. Also note the information regarding Pop-up Blockers and Java Security Certificate. You must accept, or run, the Java Security Certificate in order for WebCT to function properly.

3. Now enter your username and password, and click OK. You will log in to your personal My WebCT/Bb page, where you will see all of the CCBC credit classes for which you are registered, including those that are not online. In the current version of WebCT/Blackboard, a section will be created automatically for every CCBC course, even if the instructor does not use it. Inactive sections cannot be deleted from your WebCT/Blackboard account; however, you can hide them so that they do not appear on your page. Click here for more information.

4. It is not required that you change your password. However, we recommend that you do so for security reasons. You can reset your CCBC password at any time by using the Self-Help Application at https://shwa.ccbcmd.edu.

5. Your instructor may keep access to the course turned off, or keep most of the course content hidden until the session or semester begins. Contact your instructor if the course content is not available by the first day of the session or semester.

6. In addition to the courses on your My WebCT/Bb page you will find links to a series of WebCT/Blackboard tutorials. This material is provided to you as a resource.

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