Occupational Therapy Assistant - Mission


Mission Statement

The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, as part of a learning centered community college will recruit and educate a diverse group of students who will demonstrate:

  1. Engagement in the learning process

  2. Recognition in the value of life-long learning and will utilize the continuing education resources offered at CCBC

  3. Competency in the skills of an entry level occupational therapy assistant in order to work in either a traditional or non-traditional setting

  4. Critical thinking skills

  5. Advocating for both the client and profession of occupational therapy

  6. Skills necessary to be a culturally competent practitioner

  7. Health promotion and wellness

  8. Collaborative relationship with OTR/COTA and other health team members

  9. Understanding of role delineation and practice act in the State of Maryland

  10. Use of evidence based practice  

  11. Compliance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Occupational Therapy

  12. Success in sitting for the National Certification Examination for Occupational Therapy Assistant

  13. Involvement in the profession at a local, state, and national level

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