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What We Offer

Quality instruction in all phases of visual art, graphic design, interior design, interactive media, photography, and motion graphics. Our course offerings and degree/certificate programs offer flexibility in both scheduling and content. We offer AA and AFA degree options for students seeking transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and certificates for those seeking skill upgrading and advancement relative to their current employment situation. We have a full-time internship and job placement coordinator to insure that all of our students are successful beyond the classroom.

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Studio Arts (sculpture, painting, drawing, and ceramics)

ARTS student work example collage

This Associate of Fine Arts degree pattern is designed to help students transfer to colleges and universities that offer a baccalaureate degree with a major in Art or Fine Art. Beyond the General Education requirements and options, this pattern should be considered in light of the requirements of the selected transfer institution. Students should consult with a transfer coordinator or an advisor for information about specific requirements.

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Graphics & Digital Media

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The concentrations within Graphics and Digital Media prepares students for transfer to a college or university that offer baccalaureate degrees in graphic design, interactive media, motion graphics, photography/digital imaging, and illustration. This program, which incorporates many computer courses, offers an AFA degree and three certificate options. Please see curriculum degree and certificate options for specific descriptions. Students who choose this curriculum should recognize that certain specialized courses may not transfer to some four-year colleges.
Please note: As of Fall 2010, several CCBC programs are no longer designated as state-wide and therefore in county tuition rates only apply to residents of Baltimore County.

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Interior Design (INTD)

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This degree program prepares students for positions with architectural firms, corporate planning organizations, contracting/office supply firms, equipment/ furniture manufacturing companies, interior design firms (home or business), and for many other positions in the applied arts-related industries. Students who choose this curriculum and desire to transfer courses to a four-year institution should check with the program coordinator and/or academic advisors. Courses may be taken in any sequence as long as course prerequisites are met. Some courses may be offered in alternate semesters only.

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Degree and Certificate Areas

Associate of Fine Arts

Interior Design (INTD)

INTD makes the TIME Center News!

Moira Gannon Denson received a TIME Center Learning Project mini-grant to integrate the Fab Lab into one of the Interior Design courses, part of the ADiM curriculum. As part of her project, Moira and INTD student, Allison Steele, traveled recently to North Carolina to receive additional training on the ShopBot. Visit to read the story!